This is Melody's new life.  She is now a momma.  She is out of my CH ParkAve Passion of Turyanne who is from my Angel.  So I guess these babies make me a great grandma.  Melody lives very happily with Judy and Byron.  And her love and friend Maestro (who is out of Dumont Yorkshire Terriers-  see his family on the link button)  They decided to start a family and here are the babies.  They were born on July 26th,2001. 
Below is Melody as a baby.
Then came along Maestro and stole her heart.                              Maestro on the right below.
Then on July 26th, 2001 the blessed event became a reality with the birth of the puppies.  What a wonderful momma Mel is...she thinks the kids are the most beautiful things in the world..and you know what...they are..  Congrats to Judy, Byron and Maestro.
I told Judy..she would spend most of her day..just watching them play!!!!
The puppies are now 6 weeks old...and have tenative names
The little boy Poco, the girls, Minuet and Rhapsody
The Puppies are now growing 11 weeks old..they have their own separate personalities...
Above we have Didi, Minnie and Poco and to the right is Didi, aka Rhaspody....
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