The 5th Annual Yorkie Picnic was held on Sept 1,2001....We had a wonderful day....beautiful weather...53 people and 48 yorkies, 1 lab and 1 min pin.  All the dogs played together.   Zeusy had to be the cutest...he walked around with his sunglasses he was  movie star..never took them off..what a good baby.. I will be adding more photos as everyone sends me their copies..If you are sending them..and know who is in the photo..let me know so I can label them.  Thanks again everyone for making this a wonderful day....lots of great food, lots of good friends, and wonderful weather..thank you God!!
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Zeus, above looking cool in his glasses
Valentino came with his Dad, Rachel had to work
Zoe, the wanna be yorkie
Left is Steve our CG!!!  and below are some of the Grimm kids
Below Zoe guarding the dog treat table
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Below is Mrs CG,Judy with the girls,Gabby and Kelsy.
Hopalong,Marilyn's baby playing his never ending game of ball
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Welcome to the 5th Annual Yorkie Picnic
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