I would like you to meet Sweet Pea...who lives in NYC with Mindy and Chuck.  She has a "big sister"  Zoe who is a yellow lab.  They love each other very much...and spend time giving each other kisses.  SP also has another "sister", a horse!!!  Her name is Esprit.....SP spends part of her time in the country running around and ruling the Barn Cats and other dogs at the stables.  She goes everwhere with Mindy...often to work with her.  She is my Sabrina's sister, whose page you can visit on the left.
I love it when she comes to visit "grandma"...for me to babysit her.  She is a special love and her name is so fitting...as she is AS SWEET AS SHE CAN BE.

Sweet Pea and her big sister Zoe riding in the truck..SP is above Zoe...in the shadow.
SP and her sister Sabrina aka "Beanie"
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