The  Wedding of the Century

Wedding of the Century is what it is being called!  Two Yorkshire Terriers who met on a chat list on the internet….found each other and fell in love.  Most people say Yorkie people are crazy about their dogs, well we are…and we sure have fun.  All My Yorkies (AMY) is the name of the chat group, where Yorkies share their lives, loves and stories online in a Soap Opera with different yorkie characters dealing with romance and problems just like in a TV Soap. There are over 15 Yorkies who chat on a regular basis.   It is the basis for a book in the making from Chat group owners with a portion of proceeds ear marked for various Yorkshire Terrier groups.
Sabrina and Reggie, a Lady and the Tramp story, Sabrina the Champion with all the training from Florida and Reggie, a snow York from Florida and Delaware, the well loved and husky-sized rescue.  They chatted together online and soon found out that they really had a lot in common, squirrel chasing being one thing they both enjoy.     Reggie sent Sabrina tokens of his love, a fur coat, jewels for her hair and a “diamond” tiara.   She fell hopelessly in love with his sweet kind ways. She sent him designer-type clothing to make him more in style.  As their love grew over the years so did their friends who also shared their lives with other yorkies on line.  Before long they knew a wedding would be the next step in their online love story.  
They planned a wedding held at the parents of the bride’s home in Florida with over 30 human guests and 26 yorkie guests, and a Chinese Crested.  The bridal attendants included Maid of Honor, Missy from Florida, bridesmaids Gracie Lee from Texas, Summer, sister of the bride formerly from Florida now residing in Michigan, Precious from Arizona, and bridespup, the bride’s daughter, LeeLee of Florida.  The groom had Best Yorkman, Louie from North Carolina, growlsmen, Tiger from Florida, and Branklet Bearer, Pixel from Florida.  Also the bride’s son, Johnny Appleseed, surprised everyone by obtaining a leave of absence from the Navy, and showed up in uniform to give his mom away and walk her down the aisle. The bridal party had their gowns specially designed by Diane DeeWaard of  The color theme was a rainbow of color for the members of the bridal party. 
  The ceremony included the following vows:

We come together, joining one tiny Yorkie and one Large Yorkie in matrimony , Reggie and Sabrina...sharing their loving paws and loyal hearts in family....forever and ever.....until death do they part.

When two hearts are bonded, one to another, it makes little difference that they are human or canine. 
And so it’s fitting that Reggie and Sabrina have found one another and their souls are bound, one to the other.

Like tradition for two bound souls, Reggie and Sabrina have decided that they wish to spend eternity together.

And so we are gathered here, friends and family, to join these tiny precious Yorkies in matrimony. 

  I, Reggie take you, Sabrina, to be my puppy love.
  and I Sabrina, take you Reggie to be my puppy love.
I from this day forward promise to sniff and to dig, with thoughts of only you. I promise to always share my squeaky toys and carrots, and take long walks with you by our pond. I will be faithful to you and let you have the last kibble, no matter how tasty.  I will let you go out the doggy door first to chase the squirrels.  I promise to share my doggie bed at nap time. I will be tolerant of your children when they come to visit.  I will teach you not to bark at my cats, how to  chase squirrels and always defend you against the unknown  I will work hard to give you, my Princess the finer things in life. I will always walk beside you and comfort you, and be true to you as long as I shall live.
I from this day forward promise to live, laugh and love with you forever and always.  Staying by your side as you protect me from the unknown.  Be kind to your cat siblings and really try not to chase them, thinking they are squirrels.  I will mother and nuture you in sickness and in health. 
And so throughout our lives, no matter what may lie ahead of us or buried in the yard beneath our paws, I pledge to you my life as a loving and faithful spouse.

Sabrina and Reggie  will now share a sip of chicken broth "bubbly" from the same glass, and will share the same treat to symbolize their love and this union. [dogs take drink of chicken/beef/vegetable broth from pretty glass].

Officiant: "Sabrina and Reggie will now exchange gifts of love as a symbol of their love and devotion; wear them with love and joy."

To Reggie:   "Do you Reggie, take Sabrina  to be your lawfully wedded wife in "howly muttrimony"?  Please "speak" now! (or wag your tail)."

[To Sabrina]: "Do you Sabrina, take Reggie to be your lawfully wedded husband in "howly muttrimony"?  Please "speak" now! (or wag your tail)."

Officiant: "I now pronounce you married in "howly muttrimony!" You may have a treat!"

The guest had a festive reception complete with both human and doggy cake and treats. The bone shaped cake that was enjoyed by the canine guests was made by  Local TV station, BayNews9 came to film the festivies and aired it on the news.  Videos of the fun can be purchased by contacting

A calendar will be available with wedding photos of the bridal party later in 2005.
The newlyweds sailed away on their honeymoon on the Yorkshire of the Seas and honeymoon photos from the ship were shared by the cast of All My Yorkies.  The couple will reside with the groom’s parents seasonally in Florida during the winter months and summer months in Delaware.
A few members of the group say this chat group gives them many laughs during the day and is the best medicine that any doctor can prescribe.  We do live vicariously through  our dogs!

Stay tuned - more love is on the way.  We have plans of another grand wedding to be held in Arizona next year.