Sabrina and Reggie
The love story of the century...Sabrina and Reggie met online in a chat room called All My Yorkies...
The continuing romance online grew to new highs along with the lives of their friends in the story line.
  A book is in the making on this exciting story of the lives of Yorkies.

Reggie wined and dined Sabrina with lavish gifts.
She sent him stylish clothes
She dressed up for his birthday and sang to him
They took boat rides their love grew
Then the big day came...the Wedding of the Century....
Beanie was given away by her son , Johnny Appleseed, home on leave from the Navy.
Bridal party consisted of Louie, Reggie's best man, Growlsman, Tiger, and Branklet bearer, Pixel
Bridespups include Missy,GracieLee,Presh,Summer,and Flower pup, Leelee
everyone dined on delicous cookies (Tail Waggin Bakery) and canine cake.
The bride was exhausted and soon fell asleep..while Reggie patiently waited for her to wake up.
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